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Dry Creek's Smidgeon of Sunshine aka "Midgie". This is Midgie when she was 4 days old. Midgie is a gray and white pinto minimal dwarf and the sweetest little horse I ever met. Always has a little nudge or a nod of her head for you. Midgie foaled on 4/24/2008. She was born on Ron and Deb's 26th anniversary. A special anniversary gift that year that we have loved ever since.

I haven't measured her recently but she's approx 23".

This is Midgie and Deb. She is 4 y/o in this pic and has very little problems except for a progressing underbite. She is still the sweetest thing you will ever find. She will be our main therapy horse starting in 2013. Our therapy program will be named after her--Smidgeon of Sunshine Therapy Horses.


Dry Creek's Little J.R. aka "J.R."
JR foaled on 3/17/2012. He is Dakota and Sassy's little sorrel  pinto boy. He is also a minimal dwarf. He has the pot belly and some problems with his hind feet but they seem to be getting better. JR will also be a therapy horse in 2013 and with his sweet, loves attention attitude, he will be adored by many. The picture is when he was only 1 day old.
This is Midgie and JR the day before Christmas 2012. I took this pic and sent it to Channel 7's Ulocal page with the caption "Santa's littlest reindeer are ready and waiting to go with santa tonight." I thought they would put it on the news but they never did. Oh well, we tried!!